The AWS Recruiting team consists of game-changers, aces, and all-stars. We have worked within Fortune 500s, start-ups, big 4 firms, and even the nonprofit sector. We're lean and small and we wish to remain that way! We have no desire to become a massive firm because our model would not sustain. We respect the human factorand the value / appreciation we have for our clients.



Why AWS Recruiting: “There is such a significant market failure and the traditional recruiting model is clearly broken. I was sick of recruiters, having leveraged them on both sides of the table for my own career. Finding someone a job using algorithms, databases, and bombarding people with phone-calls to meet quotas just does not work; especially in a market as small as Arizona. You need a human element to the process; you need to be hands on, transparent, leverage your network, and pull zero punches.”

About: Asher is an advocate for entrepreneurship, economic development, transparency, and the power of networks. He's also a 40 Under 40 award recipient from the Phoenix Business Journal in 2014.  

Work/Education: Paramount Pictures, Sony, X Prize Foundation, Entrepreneur; MBA @ ASU

Personal: A husband, a father, and a dog owner. A San Diego kid at heart who refuses to eliminate the word “Dude” from his vocabulary or belief the San Diego Padres will one day win the World Series.  PS. If you're reading this after the Padres win the World Series, please know our offices are closed for two weeks due to excessive celebration.

Random: Asher can talk with a CEO or an intern with equal comfort and enthusiasm. This “gift of gab” as his wife calls it is equal parts charming and distracting but contributes entirely to why he’s good at what he does.

Contact: | 480.788.9295 | LinkedIn