The AWS Recruiting team consists of game-changers, aces, and all-stars. We have worked within Fortune 500s, start-ups, Big 4 firms, and even the nonprofit sector. We're lean and small and we wish to remain that way! We have no desire to become a massive firm because our model would not sustain. We respect the human factorand the value / appreciation we have for our clients.



Why AWS Recruiting: “There is such a significant market failure and the traditional recruiting model is clearly broken. I was sick of recruiters, having leveraged them on both sides of the table for my own career. Finding someone a job using algorithms, databases, and bombarding people with phone-calls to meet quotas just does not work; especially in a market as small as Arizona. You need a human element to the process; you need to be hands on, transparent, leverage your network, and pull zero punches.”

About: Asher is an advocate for entrepreneurship, economic development, transparency, and the power of networks. He's also a 40 Under 40 award recipient from the Phoenix Business Journal in 2014.  

Work/Education: Paramount Pictures, Sony, X Prize Foundation, Entrepreneur; MBA @ ASU

Personal: A husband, a father, and a dog owner. A San Diego kid at heart who refuses to eliminate the word “Dude” from his vocabulary or belief the San Diego Padres will one day win the World Series.  PS. If you're reading this after the Padres win the World Series, please know our offices are closed for two weeks due to excessive celebration.

Random: Asher can talk with a CEO or an intern with equal comfort and enthusiasm. This “gift of gab” as his wife calls it is equal parts charming and distracting but contributes entirely to why he’s good at what he does.

Contact: | 480.788.9295 | LinkedIn


Kristin ZERVAS | Head of Sales & Marketing Recruiting

Why AWS Recruiting: I wanted the freedom to be the most authentic, genuine, trustworthy, and down-to-earth recruiter possible. What's different with us is simple.... there are no shenanigans, no BS, no time wasted. We foster long-term, sustainable relationships, and practice quality over quantity always. I genuinely love what I do and I take my professional matchmaking seriously. I value taking a trusted advisor approach with all my clients and candidates and can promise you transparency throughout our relationship and work together.

About: Kristin has a creative, out-of-the-box recruiting style and specializes in the placement of Sales & Marketing professionals. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries across Arizona and nationwide to successfully place rockstar candidates for roles ranging from Sales Managers and Digital Marketing Strategists to Directors of Business Development and CMOs ... and of course everything in between. 

Work/Education: Kristin started her career in Human Resources which allows her a strong understanding of all facets of the professional employment process. After making the transition to recruiting full-time, she found her knack and true passion. University of Arizona Alumna. Go Wildcats!

Personal: An Oregon girl born and raised who moved to Phoenix in 2006. Hobbies include snowboarding with her fiancé, traveling to new cities and countries that offer compelling culture and mind-blowing cuisine, and indulging in as much wine and German beer as healthily possible. 

Random: She is essentially a walking Yelp for all things awesome in Phoenix. If there is a new restaurant, bar, coffee shop or music venue in town, that's where you'll catch Kristin in her free time. 

Contact: | 480.678.8152 | LinkedIn


AAron Wiese | Engager, Networker & Connector 

Why AWS Recruiting: It’s always seemed ridiculous to me that recruiters and recruiting firms were so focused on KPI’s, such as how many phones calls were made it a day, the number of required candidates they met with within a week, it was all about quantity over quality. 

Instead, I am the type who believes in bringing value to my network and do right by every person I work with regardless. I want my reputation to be based on my ability facilitate quality placements that defy expectations, while helping both candidates and clients exceed their personal and professional goals. AWS was founded by these same principles and for that reason I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the AWS team. 

About: Aaron is an adventure seeker, world wonderer, and believer in power of doing good and helping out others. I don’t conform to the typical recruiter(ing) model, rather I value the opportunity to interact and meet new people. 

Work/Education: An ASU graduated (GO Devils!) with a degree in economics, I landed my first job with a start-up tech company after college. Shortly after I started at the tech company I stumbled into the world of recruiting and had the opportunity to learn the business with a local firm. I was with them for a number of years until making the decision to give the commercial lending business a chance; but as fate would have it, my passion is still in recruiting and I am excited and eager to be back in an industry. 

Personal: I am a tried and true native Phoenician. I was born and raised in Gilbert. If I’m not working, you can find me coaching high school football, shredding down one of the mountains on my snowboard, relaxing by the ocean with a drink in my hand or off seeking new adventures wherever life leads me.

Random: I have been the varsity quarterbacks coach at Chaparral High School, since 2013.

Contact: | 480.278.0155 | LinkedIn