"AWS Recruiting is the Jerry McGuire of Arizona recruiting."

Our firm was founded in August of 2013 and we placed three executives within the first quarter. Not to toot our own horns, but that is rare. So, how’d we do it?  Let’s just say that archaic recruiting methods do not work in today's business world and there is a significant market failure in the Arizona recruiting sector that includes the abundance of Arizona recruiting firms and their 1000s of recruiters who produce a noise so loud that quality recruiting is lost. So, what do we do differently? Well, a bunch of things! First, we listen. We're not so blinded by "billing" that we miss what's important. What's important is what you really want; it goes beyond the job-description.

The truth is that hiring companies do not need recruiting firms to succeed. With modern technology it's relatively easy to find someone with the right qualifications. However, what's difficult is finding someone with the perfect attitude and fit; that's where we come in. We leverage our elite network to find someone whose internal drive and career aspirations mirror a company's culture. The qualifications are a given.

When you work with us, we ask that companies and candidates come prepared to answer some easy questions:

  • Company: What's not written down on the job description? What quality does that perfect candidate have that the others don't? What does the Dream Team look like in your eyes? You can tell us anything.
  • Candidate: What's your dream job? Maybe not now, but down the line where do you want your career to go? Is it the CEO chair, or is it a nice corner office and the ability to make it to a little league game on time? Or both? You too can tell us anything.  

Who we have placed

Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Tech, HR --> yeah, we got that!

However, business needs can change fast. As such, our motto is "jump off the building and grow wings on the way down." We're here to help and we love challenges because if we don't push ourselves, we should be closed!